5 Face Wipes for Oily Skin


If you’re someone who suffers from oily skin, you know what it’s like to feel super greasy after a long day. The only thing that you want to do is get home ASAP, run into your bathroom, and pull out the good old facial cleanser to remove all the dirt and grime from your face. There’s nothing more satisfying and relieving than getting all of that oil off your face at the end of the day, right? Well, here’s the problem: you won’t always be able to run home and wash your face. You won’t always have access to a good, clean facial cleanser. What could be worse?

Fortunately, there are options for us oily-faced folk: face wipes! If you have never tried using a face wipe while on the go, your life is about to change big time. It’s convenient, simple, and dirt cheap. It’s incredibly easy to use, requiring no instruction other than to just simply wipe down your face (hence the name). Before you know it, you’ll be carrying them around on your daily commute.

So what should you look for in a face wipe? Most of it comes down to personal preference. Generally, I would recommend (from personal experience) to just go with the simplest face wipe out there on the market. This means no harsh acne-fighting chemical, no “anti-aging ingredient”, no “volcano ash” mumbo jumbo – you get the point.

It may also be important to you that the wipes are packaged in such a way that make it easy to bring around town with you. This won’t be hard to find as most face wipes are generally packaged with this in mind.

So with all that said, let’s get right into it.

Here’s a quick visual summary of the face wipes I will discuss below (psst…click the images to check the current price of each item!)

1) Simple Facial Wipes

This is one that hardly needs any explanation. It’s a no nonsense facial wipe. Does it get any simpler? These are a great choice for those that are new to the world of face wipes. Go on, grab these and give them a try!

Okay, okay, let me offer some details. These are made with women in mind, given that they specifically advertise the wipe’s ability to remove stubborn makeup. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that only women can use these. The fact that these wipes contain no artificial perfumes and no harsh chemicals mean that it’s a great choice for both men and women. They come in packs of 25, and the packaging is small and tidy making it easy to slip into your bag as you head out for the day.

To see the current price of Simple Facial Wipes, click here.

2) Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes

I’m a big fan of Burt’s Bees products, so naturally when I found out that they had a face wipe I had to give them a try. The fact that these are on this list should tell you that they did not disappoint.

These wipes are my personal go-to. They are geared towards those with sensitive skin that can easily be flushed red from irritation. They are hypoallergenic, great for those who have sensitive allergies that are easily triggered. They are fragrance free and gentle – no skin irritation scares here. But my favourite thing about these wipes? They contain aloe, which may explain why I feel as if my skin is the smoothest after using these.

Oh, and for the record, Burt’s Bees does not test any of their products on animals. That’s another checkmark in my book.

To see the current price of these Burt’s Bees Towelettes, click here.

3) Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cleansing Wipes for Sensitive Skin

I do not have an extensive history with Aveeno products, but they really hit it out of the park with these wipes. If you have skin that is prone to acne flare-ups as a result of skin irritation (and for whatever reason you do not like the Burt’s Bees above), give these a go. Like Burt’s Bees’, Aveeno’s face wipes were created with those with sensitive skin in mind. Trust me, you will not experience any irritation or redness after using these. These wipes are extremely gentle and oil-free. They are non-comedogenic, meaning that they will not cause any issues with pore blockage. You won’t have to worry about developing blackheads with these wipes!

Instead of containing aloe like the Burt’s Bees wipes, Aveeno opted to infuse their face wipes with chamomile. Personally, I prefer the feeling and smell of the aloe used in Burt’s Bees, but as with most of these products it’s all a matter of preference!

To see the current price of these wipes, click here.

4) DUDE Face Wipes

Okay, I’ll be honest – I didn’t think too much of these wipes when I ordered them. There was just something about the branding that threw me off. The packaging has their brand “DUDE” scrawled on the front in large, capital letters to really send home the message that dude, these are manly face wipes.

I can’t fault them for that, though. It’s marketing. I get it.

And you know what? These wipes are not bad at all. They are advertised as alcohol and paraben free. Parabens are chemical preservatives that some companies will include in their cosmetic products to prevent them from molding, growing bacteria, or otherwise spoiling over time. Long story short, it’s best to avoid parabens altogether if possible as there are debates over its effects on one’s health. However, a product containing parabens does not (and I feel that I must emphasize this for the next face wipe on the list) mean that the product is necessarily bad!

DUDE wipes smell great. The scent is probably what I love most about these. These wipes come in two variations – one labeled “Energize” and one that is “Unscented”. While the Energize variant left me feeling more, well, energized, I would advise picking up the Unscented version over the Energize one. The Unscented variant is made specifically for sensitive skin and is infused with sea salt and aloe. I’ve already spoken about why I love aloe, but the sea salt in these wipes is a nice addition. Sea salt is great for deep pore cleansing and maintaining a balanced level of oil production in the face. By including both of these ingredients, DUDE has really won me over with their Unscented variant of their wipes.

Interested in trying out DUDE’s Face Wipes? Check out the current price here.

5) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

Oh Cetaphil, we meet again. Cetaphil has a reputation for being amazing with their anti-irritation skin products. These wipes prove that this reputation is well deserved.

Just like the Simple Face Wipes, these are a no-nonsense, no-fuss face wipe. If you’re familiar with Cetaphil products and have good results with them, you’re going to fall in love with these wipes. Just like Cetaphil’s many other facial products (cleanser, moisturizer, lotion, etc), these are fragrance free and ultra moisturizing. One single wipe and your skin will just feel so clean and refreshed. Although these wipes do contain alcohol (just as their other products do), it isn’t enough to cause any irritation or acne-flare ups.

As mentioned in the DUDE face wipes review above, the presence of parabens in this face wipe is not a cause for alarm. I have had no health issues with these wipes. In fact, you may notice that many of your cosmetic products contain these supposedly “evil” parabens. This isn’t to say that we should not be aware of their inclusion in beauty products, but simply that these parabens are not as nasty as some may claim them to be!

Check out the current price of Cetaphil’s offering here.

The End

With face wipes now a part of your arsenal, you’re well on your way to clear skin. Being constantly on the go is no longer an excuse for not being able to cleanse your skin. Pick up a couple packs of any of the above face wipes and throw them into your bag. Bring them anywhere – no, bring them everywhere! Seriously, when I say face wipes will change your life, I mean it. No longer will you be under the control of the oil and the grease that builds up over the course of the day. You’ll be a lot more confident knowing that you can eliminate this grease at any time with your trusty wipes just an arms length away.



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