Pole Dancing Exercise

The concept of pole dancіng is nothing new. Exotic dancers across tһe globe have been swinging their awesome svelte figures around them in strip clubs for many years. Recently though, there has been an increase in tһe use of these exercise poles for the more mainstream thus more accepted aerobic exercises with more women wanting to learn how to pole dance. What was once reserved for exotic dancers has now been elevated to an acceptable form of dancing which includes some of the moves that originated from certain gymnastics techniques.

Although іn the USA, the notion of pole dancing has been given an unfavorable reputation, it seems more artistically inclined versions of the dance exist in China, where the poles are used in reputable caberet shows along with circus performances with absolutely no erotic connotation. Despite its negative reputation, pole dancing exercise is becoming an increasingly popular form of mainstream exercise across the world. The physical moves often develop your upper body strength by using the body as its own resistance. Among the health benefits of pole dancing include improved muscular endurance and more precise coordination.

If you fancy giving pole dancing a whirl, one of the best ways to learn is by grabbing a couple of your favorite girlfriends and enroll in an introductory class. But maybe if you're not quite sure you're ready for public exposure just yet, the following "quick start guide" might get you thinking about possibly performing a private show for your lover, partner or special friend? Perhaps it could even inspire a few random moves the next time you've had a few drinks then find yourself face to face with a pole.

A great way to kick off your new pole perfect posture is with pole dancing videos (check out bottom of this page for a sample for some basic pole dancing moves - available right here). Great for many occassions, start a new pole dance party plan, what about a great hens night idea, spice up a swingers party or simply get fit at home by building your body core with simple resistance exercises!

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Pole dancing tips for beginners: a few basic moves for those new to pole dancing exercise.

Whatever your opinion about strippers, there's no doubt about it, exotic pole dancing is an astounding skill requiring amazing flexibility, and superb upper body control along with core strength!

Pole Dancing Instruction


  1. Firstly, make sure you wipe down the pole before you start. Is is important never use lotions or any oils as they may make the pole slippery, hazardous and cause unecessay injuries.

  2. Always do a light stretch before hand. Contrary to popular belief, Exotic Pole Dancing is definitely no walk in the park. Make sure you are of reasonable fitness and limber before trying anything.

  3. You might like to try coming prepared in some sexy pole dancing clothes (available right here). The pole will be a lot easier to manouver when your arms and legs are bare.

  4. It may sound corny but you should try to become one with the pole. In pole dancing, the pole is not only a tool, but also your best friend. So never be afraid of it.

  5. Get in to it! Even without technique, it's the woman who gets in to the music and has fun with the moves that will be the best and get the most out of it.


Easy Exotic Pole Dancing Moves

Learn Pole Dancing: Firstly, an important note for all the would be sexy pole dancing novices out there, when you are starting out you really don't need to worry yourself about all the contorting of your body or spectacular hanging upside down moves to make any sort of impact. Follow these two simple and easy techniques and you will be learning how to pole dance while adding your own personal flair!

The Wrap Around :: Pole Dancing

The wrap around move is another great move for your first pole dance lesson. You simply take a wide pivoting step around the pole, and then return to the other side, with the opposite leg hooking the pole at your waist height.

  1. Start be standing at the back of the pole with your inside foot placed close to the base.

  2. Hold on to the pole with your strongest hand at around head height. Keep your strong arm straight and then lean back so that your body weight is hanging away from the pole.

  3. Straightening your outside leg as you use it to step forwards and swing it all of the way around the pole. Then place it on the ground firmly as you transfer your body weight to the other leg, while you pivot on your inside foot at the same time. Also allow a controlled bending of your knee as you turn.

  4. As you straighten your outside leg, you bring your inside leg upwards and hook it around the pole.

  5. Now you finish this simple yet sentual pole dancing move by slowly arching your body backwards.


The Fireman's Spin :: Pole Dancing

The fire mans swirl is one of the best pole dancing moves for when you're reading to take a spin. Use it by taking a step around the pole, jumping up and catching the pole between your legs before sliding back down.

  1. Grab the pole securely with your inside hand just above your head height and your outside hand at about your shoulder height.

  2. With the inside foot, take a forward step then swing the outside leg around the pole. This will create the spinning momentum you need to move around the pole.

  3. In a single swift movement, spring upwards from your inside foot, while catching the pole between both knees and then pull up with your hands so that both your arms are taking your whole body weight. Engage your abs firmly at the same time for additional body support.

  4. Try not to hold the pole too tightly as it will hinder your next move, which is to spin ever so gracefully down the pole, landing on both of your feet.

  5. Now finish this exotic pole dancing move by sexily thrusting your hips backwards and rising to a standing position.


Not only is exotic pole dancing sexy, it is also a fantastic and unique way to keep your body fit and toned with a super strong yet feminine body. Consider this, knowing a few raunchy moves around the pole is great for providing a little teaser or possibly a special visual treat for your lover. Maybe even start you own pole dancing academy, get fit and exercise while having fin and feeling sexy! Get your pole dancing videos and become an expert pole dancer today, save up to 40%! (Specials change daily)